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Ayurvedic Massages are part of the renowned ancient healing system from India. They are pleasantly gentle and deeply effective at the same time. Due to the use of special herbal oils and unique holistic techniques they can relieve physical stiffness as well as mental stress. They have a detoxifying and toning effect on your body and help to unlock the energy-flow within you. Deeply relaxing, rejuvenating with new energy and reuniting your soul with your inner smile and beauty, these traditional massages can help to restore the wholeness and life-force within you. I personally believe that the state of inner harmony and balance, especially in our times, is not luxury but a fundamental right and the basis of health, vitality and performance.



PLEASE NOTE: My massages do not replace any necessary treatment by a physician, medical practitioner or physiotherapist. They can relieve symptoms and are rather intended as therapy-accompanying and especially as prophylactically effective offers to support you holistically in restoring and maintaining your inner balance.

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