Ayurvedic Massages About myself


I grew up with the romantic experience of quiet woods and clear lakes at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's countryside, which is located between Berlin and the Baltic Sea.

After school, I moved to Dresden where I soon lost my heart to arts and artists. Although this fascinating and impressing city never really let go of me, life took me around for more than 20 years, after I finished my studies of art history and culture.

Experiences in Vienna, St. Petersburg and Amsterdam, where I worked as a freelancer and collaborator in the wide field of fine arts and culture, led me back to this wonderful city I now call home.


Before my daughter was born I served a Spa-Hotel-Guide as a tester in Austria and Germany for a couple of years. It goes without saying that while doing that job, I was able to enjoy all sorts of pleasurable, relaxing, and curing treatments.

Yet, only the ayurvedic one touched me deeply, in a holistic and persistent way. The wish grew within me to learn and give this wonderful ancient art of touching to others.

In the summer of 2008, I was happy to make that wish come true and study Ayurveda Massages at the European Academy of Ayurveda, one of the best experiences of my life.


After passing the exam in January 2009, I practiced successfully for about half a year in Amsterdam, before I came back to Dresden.






Thanks to:



my beloved parents for their eternal belief in me and their precious support for my life.


my (ex) mother- in- law for her encouragement, for babysitting during my studies and correcting this homepage.


my wonderful teachers Elmar Stapelfeldt, Anja Pennemann und Karin Bachmaier for sharing their priceless “knowledge of life”

and feeding the hunger for more.


my friends for never ending practical help, motivation and patience.


my clients for their trust and unforgettable comments like these:



“Sensational – my feet were eating chocolate!”

“Heike, you've saved me today...”

“Now I know how it feels to be anointed with oil – thank you for

that unforgettable experience!”

“After all these years of torture because of my Scoliosis – this

was the first massage that really felt good to me.”

"I've never experienced something like this, yet as a "gourmet"

"I've enjoyed various techniques before. I have perceived your

massage as a kind of devotional art. Thanks a lot."

"I did not expect such an intensity... Your hands are a blessing!"

"Thank you - now I am back to knowing who I am"

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